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Fricsay Ferenc Wind Orchestra, Szeged

In the past century the wind band culture of Szeged was always a central point in the life of the Hungarian music. Thanks to the workmanship of Ferenc Fricsay numerous bands were established during this period. Unfortunately, in the early 1990’s these orchestras were vanished.

So, the foundation of the Fricsay Ferenc Wind Orchestra in 2000, was primarily to fill in this emptiness. Through the elapsed time, the Band was graded two times by a renowed jury – the results were excellent. The group was invited to Poland two times, where they gave concerts with the Majorette Group of Makó and Solt.
In the summer of 2007 - even then, when the Fricsay Ferenc Wind Orchestra was just in a major crisis - an independent wind orchestra was established in Szeged – conducted by Zoltán Gyimóthi and consisting of young, enthusiastic hobby-artists with close connections to the city. In the spring of 2008, these people bare the brunt of the reorganization of the Fricsay Ferenc Wind Orchestra. The aim of the renewed orchestra was to take a more considerable part of the region’s music life than before: as the first step of it, the group jam-sessioned at two wind-jamborees during the summer of the reorganization (in Csongrád, on the 1st August and in Kistelek on the Hungarian National Holiday of the 20th August). Moreover, the orchestra has undertaken the organizing of a wind jamboree in Szeged, in the autumn of 2008 and 2009. The group takes a significant part of the cultural life of Szeged by taking an active part on national festivals or by givingchristmas concerts, making a great hit with it. The professional lead of the orchestra has been taken by Soós Péter – a teacher of the Academy of Music in Szeged – and Gyimóthi Zoltán, so the orchestra now worked with two conductors. Since the end of 2010, Gyimóthi Zoltán is the professional leader of the orchestra.
The members of the orchestra are mostly hobby-artists studying or working in Szeged, who didn’t get professionals but who are ready to attach their skills and experience built up during the last years or even decades. The orchestra counts 50 permanent members at this very moment.
The repertoire of the orchestra consists besides „classical” marches – that are a must for wind orchestras – of concert hits as well: our group is keen on playing arrangements of classical and popular pieces and film themes. This young orchestra tends to enlarge their repertoire with varied pieces of a high standard and to establish a long and fruitful future.

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